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One of the biggest trends for spring that is totally off the hook, are off the shoulder tops and tees. A major throw back to the 80’s and 90’s (but in a good way); these trendy tops are sure to find their way in your spring wardrobe. Not only are they fun and flirty to wear, but their cut out design adds an element of interest (not to mention keeps you cool in warmer weather). Read on to learn all about their unique design, and how you can style one for any occasion!

Open Shoulder Tee  Cut It Out Top

What is it?

An off the shoulder top is basically a knit long sleeved or short sleeved tee that has a fun, playful peek-a-boo feature. The cut out design occurs right in the shoulder area. So, your top resembles a tank, but has a little extra coverage over the arm from a fluttery half sleeve, or a full length sleeve. These tops tend to be loose fitting, and come in long and short hemlines. They are light weight, soft, and ultra-comfortable.

Style Solutions…

So, now that you know what one of these tops is, here are some styling suggestions!

Consider wearing an off the shoulder tee in a bright color. Think mint green, butter yellow, petal pink, or electric blue for spring. Slide on a pair of white cut off shorts or a pair of fitted, white straight leg jeans that can be cuffed. Step into a pretty and posh pair of brown leather wedges, or wear your favorite shiny flip flops for more casual outings.

If you want to dress up your off the shoulder top, pick one out in a neutral tone like cream or white. Tuck it into a flowing maxi or midi skirt and pair your favorite sandals or peep toe booties with it. You can also tuck one into a pair of printed capris and add a fun clutch designed in a bold tone to off-set your ensemble. Be sure to bring a fitted cut off blazer for evening affairs when the spring air tends to get a bit cooler.

If you want to wear one while simply lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon, an off the shoulder top looks awesome with a pair of light weight yoga pants or a relaxed fit pair of black shorts. Shoes are totally optional and stick to minimal accessories, like a silver pendant or a wrist full of shiny bangles.

Be sure to put an off the shoulder top on your must-buy list this spring to ensure you are ready to look fabulous in warmer temperatures, and for any and every occasion!

Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

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Daffodils, chirping birds, lush green grass, and a warm breeze is right around the corner. Don’t let spring sneak up on you without prepping your wardrobe! Slip on some spring trends so you can sport your latest fashion finds fabulously. Here are the top ten trends to try!

Spring Fashion Trends Online

  1. Wide Leg Pants

Skinny and slim fit pants are nice, but for spring, think easy and breezy when it comes to your work pants and jeans. Wide leg is a huge trend right now, so loosen things up a big. While you go bigger on the bottom, be sure to keep things tight and trim on your top half. Always wear fitted knits and button down blouses tucked into wide leg trousers, so they are the main emphasis of your outfit. Plus, you need some balance in your look, and if you wear a big, loose shirt; you will appear large and tent-like. Pair these pants with a fun pair of wedges to also give your rear a little lift and make your legs look as though they go on for days!

  1. Breathable Tee’s

Big, baggy tops are also in style this spring. Check out some solid or printed long sleeved tee’s that are fitted throughout the arms, but are light and airy throughout the waist. Much like the rules that apply to wide leg pants, if you are going to sport a loose fitting top, tighten things up on your bottom half by wearing a pair of perfect fitting skinny jeans or straight leg, form fitting pants.

  1. Off the Shoulder Tops

A total throw back to the 80’s, off the shoulder tops are fun and flirty to wear as the weather warms up. Flash a little shoulder and create a casual look by opting for a cut off sweatshirt that boasts this trend (so you can easily pair it with jeans or yoga pants). Or, you can even wear a streamlined, off the shoulder top when you are out on the town with your favorite pair of boot cut jeans and heels. Be sure to wear a long, attention grabbing pair of earring to keep the focus on your asymmetrical, exposed neckline (and be sure to add a little bronzer for good measure).

  1. Fun Hem Details

Who isn’t obsessed with pom-poms? Lucky for you, one of the biggest trends this spring is to select a top or t-shirt that has fun hem detailing like pom-poms or fringe. Completely fabulous; fringe is here to stay! These little details make a big style difference and sometimes it’s the little details that truly transform an outfit. They provide a little movement to your look, and add an element of depth and texture (it will be hard to keep your hands on it!). You can even shop for skirts and dresses that have this detailing.

  1. Unique Embellishments

Another vintage throwback; pins are popping up everywhere. This unique embellishment looks very retro yet modern when added to tops, blazers, and even purses. Pom-pom and fringe embellishments are also being added to bags, and better yet, boots and sandals! So when it comes to getting dressed this spring, add some of these fun embellishments to your look because they complement casual or formal ensembles.

  1. Punchy Florals

When it comes to floral prints this spring, go big or go home! Pretty, punchy florals are being featured on leggings, light weight sweaters, trench coats, and dresses. Nothing says spring like a refreshing floral print, so skip on the demure designs. Opt for prints that stand out and even up against some of the fun embellishments and silhouettes up for grabs this spring.

  1. Sweet Stripes

Utterly classic, and oh-so-flattering; stripes are sweet and stylish. Whether you go thick or thin, black and white or monochromatic; stripes are another official print of spring. To get away from your usual striped tee and ankle pants, consider purchasing a cool and cute oversized t-shirt dress designed in navy and white stripes. You can add a thin brown belt to cinch your waist, and slip on your favorite white canvas sneakers for a chic and stylish day running errands or meeting the girls for brunch.

  1. Tie Dye

Another fun throwback to decades of the past, tie dye is simply fun to wear. If you are looking to give off the cool, “it girl” vibe, then slip on a fitted tie dye tee. Wear it with your favorite boyfriend jeans and canvas bag. You can also get a boho-chic look by wearing a tie dye maxi dress featured in more traditional colors (purple and white) and a comfortable pair of flat sandals for warm and sunny spring days as you stroll in the park or spend the day shopping.

  1. Pastel Hues

Totally reminiscent of pretty Easter eggs, pastel hues are always in style for spring. Look for clothing and accessories designed in hues like soft rose, fresh mint, and even baby blue. Nothing looks more complementary around all the spring scenery that is popping up!

    10. Vibrant Tones

While pastel hues are pretty and sweet, if you are looking to add a pop of color this spring, consider wearing a vibrant tone. Neon colors are always awesome (and they complement every skin tone). But, bold and bright colors like corral, peach, and buttercream yellow are also interesting to wear, especially on outer wear like rain coats, rain boots, and light weight canvas jackets. You can also add pops of these colors in the form of accessories like wrap bracelets, headband, and hats to make any outfit more interesting and playful.

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How to Wear Piko Tops

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What exactly is a piko top? How should you wear it? I’d love to explain and elaborate (because they are utterly awesome!). Jump on the Piko trend this spring. 

A Piko top is made of super soft fabric. Its light weight (usually made out of  at least 95% bamboo), so it’s perfect for spring and even cool summer nights. Sometimes, a piko top may be thick enough and opaque, so it won’t need a cami underneath. Other times, it will have a sheer design, making it virtually see through and making it necessary to wear another layer underneath.

When it comes to its overall fit, piko tops are very figure flattering. This is because they are fitted throughout the chest and arms (if sleeved), but flare gently over the form; never clinging over the tummy or hips. This loose structure makes them easy to wear with anything, and they are super comfortable (because they have some stretch to them). I also love how sometimes their necklines sit straight across the décolletage area; allowing you to accessorize it in a variety of ways. Or, sometimes their neckline forms a v or scoop; so you can wear some really pretty earrings or simply draw the eye upward to your collarbone and shoulders.

They come in any color and print, and are versatile enough to wear casually or formally. It just depends how you style it. Some colors you should seriously consider to complement spring and summer scenery (not to mention your bronzed glow), are mint, peach, pumpkin, turquoise, and cream. And, keep in mind; striped prints are always in style and always figure flattering. So, they enhance a piko top’s overall fit.

Long sleeved piko tops look amazing with a pair of fitted, straight leg jeans or leggings. Because your bottoms are so streamlined and fitted, these loose and flowing tops will give you the proper balance and proportions to look flattered. If you are going for a casual look, nothing looks cooler (and more effortless) than adding a soft infinity scarf to your look. A pair of structured flats works well on your feet, and you can even allow a golden pendant to peek out from beneath your scarf. Or, slip on a pair of white shorts when wearing this long sleeved top, to make your legs stand out and to showcase a great pair of lace up booties when spring weather warms up. Top it off with a fun fringe bag for a finishing touch!

Short sleeved pikos can be styled in a similar way. Wear it with your favorite colored skinnies or white boyfriend jeans; and a long, tassel necklace. A short sleeve top can also be worn with a pair of cut off shorts and a shimmering pair of sandals. Don’t forget to finish your look with a shiny pair of aviator style sunglasses.

Piko tops are a must for spring. Check out the suggested styles and pairing suggestions above to look and feel light and airy, like spring itself!

Wondering Where to buy Piko Tops Online?? Well, look no further than Lundy's Piko Top Collection, and shop today!


NikiBiki Camis: The Best Cami Online

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Camisoles, or more affectionately called camis, are a girl's best friend when it comes to getting dressed. Why? They are so versatile! However, this seamless staple always seems to take a backseat to fashion; leaving most ladies investing in their jeans, jackets, and shoes. By investing in a few basic fashion staples, like camis; you can take your look to a whole new level!

Read on to learn how you can choose the best camisole around and transform your outfits.  These figure-flattering camis should be a staple in every girl's closet. 

Stretchy, Ultra-Soft Fabric

A great cami is ultra-soft. This will make you want to wear it under absolutely everything. Or, even solo during warmer months. NikiBiki camisoles are light weight and stretchy, which is also a must when choosing one of these layering items. Camisoles that are composed of nylon and spandex help to not only line your look, but keep everything place, in all the right places!

Black NikiBiki Cami  Tan NikiBiki Cami White NikiBiki Cami

Figure Flattering Fit

Camisoles are supposed to be form fitting. Yet, they should not squeeze you or make you feel uncomfortable when wearing one. When you select a high quality cami, you get the best of both worlds-a great fit and a great feel! Camis should give you a seamless look, so you feel confident when wearing one underneath your tops or solo with shorts or jeans. If going solo, your cami should be long enough to cover most of your rear and hips. This helps provide balance to your overall look, which is essential if you’re looking for a figure flattering fit. NikiBiki’s camis are long enough to do just that. You can look amazing when you are wearing one underneath a blazer or cardigan; and remain looking fit and fab when you remove the top layer as well.

Beautiful Colors

Having a white NikiBiki cami in your closet is like having a little black dress. All gals should also have one in black, navy blue, and grey. These neutral colors ensure that the cami can be paired with virtually anything-from a blazer to an open back top. While it’s essential to own neutral tones, it’s also fun to own a fabulous fitting and soft cami in a variety of other colors! Think cherry red, lime green, bubble gum pink…it’s hard to have just one when the fit and feel makes your fashion sense favorable!

Mint NikiBiki Cami   Pink NikiBiki Cami

So, the next time you go shopping for basics, be sure to include a camisole on your list. Consider each of the characteristics discussed and have fun working one of these essential items into your wardrobe.

 Be sure to check out our entire collection of NikiBiki Camis, or as we like to call them the Perfect Camis!

Tassel Necklace Trend: Style Tips and How to Wear Yours!

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Tassel Necklaces are Everywhere! Pick up your favorite fashion magazine, or simply look around you the next time you’re out and about. You’re sure to see a lot of lovely ladies wearing tassel necklaces. A huge trend that sets your look apart; tassels can be worn with a variety of outfits, and they come in many colors, styles, and finishes. Wondering how to wear a tassel necklace? Read on to learn five reasons why you need to work these fun accessories into your wardrobe.

Reason #1-They’re Simply Cool

Every “it girl” currently owns and wears a tassel accessory. What makes them so cool? They are versatile to wear. So, you can add one to the most casual of outfits, or play up a more formal ensemble. Adding instant polish; tassels are totally effortless. And, anything effortless is simply cool!

Reason #2-They Add A Vintage Element

Tassels were very popular in the 70’s. A big trend today is wearing an item (or two) that is a throwback to this retro-glam decade. When purchasing a tassel accessory today, look for one that has more modern elements. Shop for one that is composed of some soft suede, or that boasts some shiny beads!

Reason #3-They Put Some Swing Into Your Step

Tassels are great items to wear because they help you put a little swing into your step-literally! Wearing accessories that move when you do brings your look alive. It makes what you are wearing more interesting (and fun). Plus, it’s sure to get you noticed!

Reason #4-They Come in All Kinds of Lengths

Some tassels are designed to sit right below your collarbone, while others fall more toward you waist in a pendant style. The great news is that you can pick out one in a length that complements your neckline; allowing you to wear it with virtually anything! From a knit top, to a scoop tee, and even a strapless maxi dress!

Reason #5-They Add a Pop of Color

Who said pendants only came in gold and silver? While they look super chic that way; you are totally missing out if you only have tassels in that tone. Liven things up a bit and pick up a tassel pendant in burgundy or even taupe. They are still neutral colors, but play up other tones in your outfit as well.

If your wardrobe is without a tassel necklace, you’re missing out! Hopefully these five reasons have gotten you in a tizzy for tassels and have convinced you that you need this accessory, pronto! Shop Lundy's Online Fashion Jewelry today!

How to Wear CC Beanies

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CC Beanies

Beanies are a great winter accessory that can complete any outfit or style you are trying to channel, and CC Beanies are the most stylish and comfy beanie that you will find.  

Shop CC Beanies

 You might be asking yourself, "What does CC Beanies stand for, or what does CC mean?".  Well, CC Beanies are designed by Colorado Chick in Fairplay, Colorado.  Colorado Chick Beanies are soft, comfortable, and come in a variety of beautiful colors.  The slouchy cable knit beanies are the perfect beanie to complete your outfit this Winter!

Beanie Styling Basics

Don’t let the winter bring you down. You can still have a fierce sense of style in the coldest months. In fact, winter accessories can make or break your ensemble. One must-wear item that you should be putting on your Christmas list is a beanie. Slouchy beanies make a statement while keeping you nice and toasty. They can be worn to look oh-so-cute, or even oh-so-edgy. It all depends on how you style your look. Read on to learn how!

Sleek and Chic

Many ladies think that they can’t pull off a beanie for formal ensembles. The truth is that beanies can look totally sleek and chic when worn with a fitted trench or fur vest, and golden accessories. When getting dressed, it all begins with your hair. Try pulling your hair off to the side in a smooth side pony. Slide on a cream colored CC beanie and even add a rich cashmere scarf for a luxurious effect. Slip on a black pair of jeggings and a form fitting black knit sweater. And, voila! You have one posh ensemble as you brave the cold!

Ready for Fun

A beanie is great to also be worn when you are ready to have some fun in winter weather. Start by curling your strands so they fall into loose, soft waves. Part your hair down the middle and secure your slouchy beanie on top. Consider wearing a red plaid button down blouse (fitted, of course) and a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans. Step into a slick pair of leather over the knee riding boots, or a cute pair of suede wedge booties. Line your fingers with your favorite stackable statement rings, you are ready to be on your way!


Beanies can also help you achieve a super sporty look, which is great for when you step off the slopes and lounge by the fire, or when you need a quick go-to item as you run in and out of the gym or store post work out. Wear your favorite yoga pants and slip on a fitted athletic zip up in a neon tone to liven things up in the drab winter months. Keep your hair and makeup casual by rocking your natural hair texture under a black beanie. Wear no-fuss accessories, like a silver monogram pendant, or a wrist full of shiny bangles or layered, beaded bracelets. Slide on a pair of Sherpa lined boots or sport your favorite sneakers to finish the look.


CC beanies help create the ultimate kick back and relax, casual look. To keep things low key place a pastel toned beany on your straightened strands. Wear it with an oversized chunky knit and leggings, or your favorite knit paired with a puffer vest and jeans. Be sure to have your favorite knit gloves in hand and a soft infinity scarf to complete your winter chill time look.

Be sure to check out our entire CC Beanie Collection!

Follow our CC Beanie board on Pinterest to stay up to date with our latest styles!

The Top Clothing Essentials Everyone Needs In Their Closet

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How to Maximize the Everyday, Evergreen Items You Own in Your Closet

Every gal needs essential items in her closet. While they can be worn solo, they can also be used in other ways to really maximize what you buy and how you wear it. If you have a few evergreen items, you can wear them across all the seasons and update your day to day look in dozens of ways. Read how!

The Little Black Dress

What’s not to love about a little black dress? Perfect to wear to semi-formal events and even date nights with your partner, you can also dress it up and down in a variety of ways. In fact, wearing a little black dress to work from time to time is a must. Simply pair it with a colorful, plain cardigan and a pair of chic flats. You can dress it up for a wedding by pairing it with textured tights, a killer pair of shiny stiletto heels, and an attention grabbing, shiny statement necklace.

Plain White Tee

A plain white tee has probably become all girls’ go to item. Perfect for lounging around the house in sweats or even running errands around town with boyfriend jeans; a plain white tee is pretty much the perfect layering item too. Consider wearing it tucked into a preppy mini skirt with tights or underneath a luxurious wool blazer. It helps provide the perfect balance between formal and casual; and even masculine and feminine elements.


Not only are they comfortable, they can be worn underneath virtually anything! Leggings are great to slip on solo with an active wear top around the house. You can also wear a pair under a long tunic or sweater. Some leggings can be worn with a cute, hip length boxy top with a boyfriend cardigan overtop. The options are endless when it comes to wearing this versatile item. The key thing is to have fun and experiment, wearing it in new and unusual ways. Anything goes!

Bandeau Tops

Bandeau tops are easy to wear solo in the summer, but can also be dressed up with a great bottom. Try pairing it with linen wide leg trousers for an easy, breezy, it girl look. Or, wear it with a long, cotton maxi skirt to balance out the bareness across your shoulders and décolletage. You could also wear it under cardigans, or backless tops or dresses for a little more coverage.


A cami is a must have item of every working girl. They pair beautifully underneath a cardigan and button down top. They are great layering items when the weather gets cool, but they also help provide a layer of comfort and protection underneath heavy and sometimes itchy sweaters. Wear one solo with a fringe scarf once the weather warms up, or even slip one on underneath a fitted leather jacket in the fall.

You probably have each of these items in your closet and have been wearing them in the same way for years. Consider trying some of the wearing and pairing suggestions above to transform your wardrobe and make the most out of every item that you own!

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