How to Order the Perfect Size Clothes Online

Posted on October 26, 2014 by Lundy's Boutique | 2 comments

Buying clothes online and finding your size is a predicament that we have all experienced. How do you know that cute dress will fit when it arrives in the mail?
Of course you want to shop online because of the amazing deals and variety of styles and trends, but how do you find that perfect fit?

Below are a few ideas that you can use to find your size in online clothing boutiques.

Measure Yourself

First, it is important for you to measure yourself in the correct manner. It is best not to order by dress size alone because different brands carry different measurements in terms of dress size. You should write down your measurements for safe-keeping and refer to them whenever buying clothes online. It is also advised to regularly measure your body size and update the written measurements.  The vast majority of sizing charts will refer you to measurements of the bust, waist, and hips.  For more information on how to measure yourself check out Lauren Conrad’s measurement guide.

Measuring for Clothing Size

Check Out the Size Charts

The second step, to ensure you shop for the right size, is to read each online store’s sizing guidelines and take a look at their size chart. These size charts are your best bet at choosing the right fit for your body type.  If you have your measurements already written down, just compare them to the size chart for a good idea of your size.  A lot of shops will let you know if a piece of clothing varies from this size chart in the products description.  Pay close attention to those hints in the description!

Sizing Jargon

Sizing jargon mostly comes into play with department stores.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with both the “misses” and the “juniors” sizing because it depends on each store which sizing policy they carry. The difference between the “misses” and the “juniors” sizing charts is significant and a mistake on your part can result in an ill-fitted garment delivered to your doorstep. “Misses” uses even numbers to represent fits and is a traditional way to measure clothing while “juniors” makes use of odd numbers to indicate fits and is more appropriate to measure petite body frames.

Record Successes

Once you hit jackpot and are successful in ordering the correct size from a certain brand or shop, it is advisable to record those measurements in a separate note so that you can refer back to them whenever you’re shopping clothes from the same brand or shop.

Check the Return Policy

Online stores which do not offer return policies could be a hassle if your size doesn't fit. Make sure that the store you are ordering from has a good clear return policy in place.  Following the tips above will help you have more success with ordering your right size, but once in a while you will probably need to return an item. 

Good Luck finding your perfect fit!




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Live Absense
Live Absense

July 20, 2017

It is important to measure yourself first and make sure they have a Return Policy, before ordering a dress.

Dena Plant
Dena Plant

October 08, 2016

Could you please tell me the inseam for the Medium Wash Skinny jeans in a size 28 and a size 29?

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