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Camisoles, or more affectionately called camis, are a girl's best friend when it comes to getting dressed. Why? They are so versatile! However, this seamless staple always seems to take a backseat to fashion; leaving most ladies investing in their jeans, jackets, and shoes. By investing in a few basic fashion staples, like camis; you can take your look to a whole new level!

Read on to learn how you can choose the best camisole around and transform your outfits.  These figure-flattering camis should be a staple in every girl's closet. 

Stretchy, Ultra-Soft Fabric

A great cami is ultra-soft. This will make you want to wear it under absolutely everything. Or, even solo during warmer months. NikiBiki camisoles are light weight and stretchy, which is also a must when choosing one of these layering items. Camisoles that are composed of nylon and spandex help to not only line your look, but keep everything place, in all the right places!

Black NikiBiki Cami  Tan NikiBiki Cami White NikiBiki Cami

Figure Flattering Fit

Camisoles are supposed to be form fitting. Yet, they should not squeeze you or make you feel uncomfortable when wearing one. When you select a high quality cami, you get the best of both worlds-a great fit and a great feel! Camis should give you a seamless look, so you feel confident when wearing one underneath your tops or solo with shorts or jeans. If going solo, your cami should be long enough to cover most of your rear and hips. This helps provide balance to your overall look, which is essential if you’re looking for a figure flattering fit. NikiBiki’s camis are long enough to do just that. You can look amazing when you are wearing one underneath a blazer or cardigan; and remain looking fit and fab when you remove the top layer as well.

Beautiful Colors

Having a white NikiBiki cami in your closet is like having a little black dress. All gals should also have one in black, navy blue, and grey. These neutral colors ensure that the cami can be paired with virtually anything-from a blazer to an open back top. While it’s essential to own neutral tones, it’s also fun to own a fabulous fitting and soft cami in a variety of other colors! Think cherry red, lime green, bubble gum pink…it’s hard to have just one when the fit and feel makes your fashion sense favorable!

Mint NikiBiki Cami   Pink NikiBiki Cami

So, the next time you go shopping for basics, be sure to include a camisole on your list. Consider each of the characteristics discussed and have fun working one of these essential items into your wardrobe.

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